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D4Puppies don’t work, we get it, and they don’t have jobs- so we’ll work for them. Helping those that help helpless puppies is a no-brainer. Our ultimate goal would be for every breed represented in Partying Puppies to find a forever home. All of them. Every one.

While we have spent countless hours laughing into the wee hours of the night test-playing Partying Puppies, our real lives are consumed by our love for our actual puppies. Gaming is definitely one of our most favorite things to do, but playing with our puppies is our passion. And while we would love love love (did I say love?) to make Partying Puppies a reality & provide you with hours of insane hilarity, what we would also really love to do is to help those who help real puppies in need. Our furry babies are spoiled beyond belief, but we are all to well aware of the countless little angels out there with no food, water, or shelter- and they need our help… your help.

Instead of attempting to start a brand new Partying Puppies country of our own , proceeds from a successful campaign will go directly to rescue operations already existing today. There are countless shelters of puppy-loving hooomans all across the globe that could use a little help so why not get you an awesome game and help puppies at the same time! We don’t just want to do this in theory, so we’re setting our first very specific goal…right now…

At first, we were tempted to just stay local and help our neighbors out but then decided we wanted to do more than just what is familiar to us. We realized this when we came across this article by Bark Post (by the way, we have no affiliation with BarkPost whatsoever- we just loved their article):

Once we read it we were hooked. As a result, we are going to donate proceeds from Partying Puppies to Best Friends Animal Shelter in Kanab, Utah. Now we have never been, BUT, with a puppy kindergarten, how could you go wrong? You can read all about them here:

The Artistic Process

We’ll donate up to $5,000 to Best Friends Animal Shelter, and than, if we are so blessed to be even more successful, we’ll pick another, and another, and another.

We don’t even have to be the ones to pick, so if you have a shelter you love, a friend that works at rescue, or a local sanctuary you would like to nominate, email us!

If you have an idea for a great way we can pick the next Rescue to donate to that would great! Maybe you have a competition idea, or perhaps a game (we kinda have to concentrate on our game at the moment) let us know. We thought a YouTube song competition might be funny? We’d love for you to get involved in the process so we can spread as much puppy love a possible!

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