Yes, these are all biased reviews from friends and family, but who cares- the game rocks! Get it.

We have a few testimonials we’d love to share from a few of the players we had test-play version #1. We asked for feedback, changes, questions, tweeks, problems, or just general reactions so we can make sure you have the best game possible and these testimonials are unaltered word-for-word as a result of that.

So don’t just take our word for it…


“I actually didn’t even want to play this game but they made me and I really loved it. I thought I’d hate doing the stuff but it was really really funny”


“My kids think it’s the best game ever and they love that they can actually find their puppy on a card and their friend’s puppies. My little one is in love with the puppy pics on her card”


“So we played the crack version last night with the drinking game rules and my head is killing me and I hate you right now. I think it was a great game but I kind of can’t remember exactly why at the moment.”

Jake … he’s 6 ☺

“It’s so cool but I need keep playing until I win.”

Emma … she’s 8 ☺

“I love my card! I can’t believe I have my own card in a game! Thank you-it’s so beautiful!”


“I’m just glad my kids aren’t buried in their ipads and that I can actually hear them laughing. Great job.”


“Your game is impressive. My class can really appreciate all the effort that went into the art of game, it’s a real accomplishment”


“I used to like game night but now I can not wait for Monday night! Thanks guys, the game is AWESOME!”

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