The ending of a successful campaign means only one thing- we are moving on to the next version!

The first edition of Partying Puppies is the ZOMBIE EDITION but we won’t stop there. While we are hopeful the first edition will be a success we are so passionately optimistic that we have already started planning out future editions for you!


Partying Puppies Version #2: The TRIVIA Edition

Once again, while this version may sound familiar it is only because we are using elements that people love- Games, Puppies, Trivia, Love’n- what could be better? The ‘sounding familiar’ part is where similarities to our game and all other games once again ends. Just like Version #1, we will offer you truly unique gameplay tasks that elevate the Partying Puppies experience to create a game night uniquely different and absolutely standout memorable! However, this time, instead of rampant zombieliciousness running amok, you will have a common thread of interesting puppy trivia as a common theme throughout the game. We have included some hints of our trivia in the SNAP POLL on this site so if you haven’t played that already go try it out!

Not to worry, we won’t abandon the gruesomeness of the zombies, or the humor of the art, and we will still create awesome original artwork for each and every card. The interesting part of doing original art on every card is the fun & curious anticipation it creates. Recently, while watching a group play, it was pleasantly surprising to see how players are compelled to share and reach out to grab cards from other players to see the scenes for the first time during gameplay- it’s awesome sauce. Oh, and we didn’t forget to have two versions for this as well; CLASSIC & CRACK!

tobyPartying Puppies Version #3: The OBSTACLES & OCCUPATION Edition

It is time to put these puppies to work! In this version, puppies attempt to start getting to work just like their loveable hoomans used to do for them, buuuuuuuut, they come across more than a few obstacles to make this happen.

Watching a puppy try to be a fireman, a nurse, a truck driver, a web designer, or a chef is bound to lead to crazily unsuccessful and hysterical card scenes. And again, with two versions set for this edition we cover a ton of occupational obstacles! Not only will this edition be a visual treat, but the task-driven gameplay will make you a hot mess in front of your friends- yet, oddly, you’ll want to play it again and again.